Juli Herren

Juli HerrenMeet a senior digital content strategist who is a creative innovator for IBM. Her opinions are her own. Juli Herren is an entrepreneur—literally—with an unabashed love for sales. A full-time consultant to IBM, she keeps the brand voice of IBM strong, creates content to drive demand, and serves as Subject Matter Expert, setting standards for IBM stakeholders worldwide. Academic degrees in the empirical science of Linguistics and in the art of English Literature.

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Discover the talents of a creative professional who offers uniquely rich knowledge of business, communication and human behavior.

Clarify your messages. Articulate them with power. Expect compelling copy from a marketing writer who is quick on the uptake and honors deadlines.

  • C-level communications and white papers
  • Sales brochures and product sheets
  • Flash scripts, video scripts and creative direction
  • Branding guidance and editing
  • Web content backed by advanced SEO training
  • Client interviews and case studies

Juli Herren: different and better

This seasoned professional offers uniquely rich knowledge of business, communication and human behavior. Juli Herren makes clear, compelling communication easy.

A creative force. After working for three years as a full-time writer for IBM’s only approved internal ad agency, Juli Herren was one of three contractors on the 300-person team to be offered employee status. Writer for IBM PureSystems category launch. Former Creative Director at Raymond James Financial. Award-winning writing and creative-concepting skills.

Strong academic foundation. Two BA degrees (Linguistics and English Literature) with honors. 3.5 GPA. Academic training in Fine Art.

Proven manager of time and people. Deadlines deserve respect, so expect yours to be met. Many years of experience as a manager of projects and people.

Entrepreneur. Strong pitch person. A successful business owner with a personal appreciation of the sales process.

Cost-effective and trustworthy. Juli Herren’s relationships with clients often continue for many years.

Broad industry experience. B2B and B2C writing experience in a wide range of industries including technology, financial services, academics, medical device manufacturing, PCBA manufacturing and HR outsourcing. Professionally adept in client meetings with subject matter experts who are non-native speakers of English.

About Juli Herren

SENIOR DIGITAL EDITORIAL AND CONTENT STRATEGIST As a consultant through APC, Juli Herren is Senior Editorial, Digital and Content Strategist for IBM. She is editor of the ibm.com home page.
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